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Cedar season is in full swing here in central Texas. Parents who are suffering from sneezing and runny noses understandably may assume that their babies with the same symptoms have allergies also. ¬†However, allergists will say, “you have to have lived through the season, then be re-exposed to the season” to mount an allergic response to seasonal pollens. In any case, antihistamines are not generally recommended for children under 2 years of age.

Chances are much greater that your child has a viral upper respiratory infection, URI or “cold”. Those germs are everywhere this time of year as well. To care for a child with a viral URI, use saline nasal drops generously and suction nose carefully as often as needed, run a cool mist vaporizer in the child’s room while they sleep, and gently elevate the head of their bed by placing a small pillow or folded blanket UNDERNEATH the crib mattress. (Remember, nothing IN the crib.)

If your child develops fever, labored breathing, or difficulty eating or sleeping, please call our office.