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Our post-visit surveys have proven to be both a nice pat on the back for our fabulous staff, and a great forum for feedback. We have elected to run a quarterly feature on our blog to address some common questions.

“Why did I receive a text reminder for my appointment while I’m at my appointment?”

We have heard parents love text reminders, so we set up our system to send quite a few of them! Appointment reminders will come when an appointment is first booked, again the business day prior to the appointment, and then at 8am the morning of the appointment. That said, the system is not without its quirks, and has been known to send a random message from time to time. If there’s ever an issue or a concern, please reach out to us!

“Having toys is super nice.”

We are so glad to hear your kids are enjoying the toys! We try to rotate easy-to-disinfect toys and books around the office to help make office visits a little more comfortable. In addition, we have added some options for our older patients (colored pencils + coloring pages, a disentanglement puzzle, dominoes, and chapter books).

Our exam rooms are a little cozy, making it a bit challenging to keep toys in all the rooms – if anyone has recommendations of a small, safe, and easy to clean toy, let us know!

“The forms are overwhelming.”

We are so sorry this has been overwhelming for our families. We are actively working on decreasing our paperwork. In the meantime, please do feel free to leave blank items that have not changed.

We are considering some different options, including sending paperwork out ahead of appointments via emailed links or attachments, putting the information on iPads for parents to complete (or confirm) electronically, and asking more questions in person (instead of on paper).

Please keep the feedback coming!