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This time of year we receive an abundance of forms to complete. Please help us help you by becoming familiar with our forms policy below…

Complete Parent Sections

Please have the form ready for us. Parents should complete all of the demographic and patient history information and sign and date wherever applicable.

Forms cannot be completed if the information is incomplete or the child has not had the necessary checkup or tests required.

When they are ready for us, forms can be sent in the mail, by fax, emailed to, or dropped off in our office.

Choose Delivery Method

You may receive your form in one of 4 ways.

1. By secure email – please provide your private email address

2. By snail mail – please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope

3. By fax – please provide your private fax number 4. In person – drop by to pick up your form (we’ll call you when it’s ready!)

To have forms sent to another entity (school, camp, daycare, etc.) please fill out a School/Daycare Release Form and email it to

Pay the Fee (if required)

Forms are still free of charge at the time of your child’s appointment.

We will charge a $10 fee for all forms to be completed outside an appointment. There is a 1 week turnaround.

We will charge an expedited forms fee of $25 for forms to be completed outside an appointment if needed in less than 1 week. Delivery methods for expedited forms are limited to secure email or fax.

To submit payment, please call our office at 512-467-7334.

Our Office’s Deadlines

For expedited, same day completion of forms, all components of our policy must be fulfilled by 2:00 PM in order for your request to be processed. This includes your request, payment of the fee, and our office’s receipt of any files sent to us. A delay for any of these will postpone the completion of your request to the following business day.

These requests will be completed by end of day and may be delivered after 5:00 PM. We cannot guarantee forms to be completed by a specific time of day.