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Dear families and friends,
Our community is experiencing the heartbreaking loss of a skilled and talented pediatrician, partner, friend, and mother. Dr. Lindley Dodson has touched the lives of countless children and families. She brought light and laughter to moments where children were scared or anxious, and provided reassurance to parents. She had an amazing ability to make parents feel good about their parenting when they had doubts. The pain of her loss reaches far.
Dr. Dodson, along with the team and families of Children’s Medical Group have served as an extension of our GROW Pediatrics family. We want to return the favor, and offer our support.
We welcome families of CMG to reach out to us for care during this time. Additionally, we’d like to offer these resources to help our friends and families in the community work through this trauma.
With love,
The doctors and team at GROW Pediatrics