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Yes, you heard correctly! Our Covid-19 Pfizer 5-11 vaccine has landed in our clinic, and we’ve been actively vaccinating. We have now contacted all patients who were on the waitlist. If you missed our call, please connect with us soon to schedule. You can also have your child vaccinated while in the office for other types of appointments, as our clinic staffing and supply allows.
***To be added to the list for our open and upcoming Covid shot clinics, please email us at, and include your child’s name and the best phone number to reach you. Emailing is the most efficient way to be added to the list- calling creates an overwhelming volume for our small (but mighty!) staff.
We’re so relieved and excited to be on the road to ending this pandemic. Here’s a pic of two of our own GROW team’s kiddos after receiving their shots this week. Thanks for your patience, everyone. Our hard work is paying off. 😊