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Yes- we are anticipating the approval by the CDC’s ACIP this weekend, of the under 5 Pediatric Covid-19 Vaccine.
*NO- it has not been approved yet.* Below is further info on the ACIP, the two brands of vaccine, the process of vaccine approval, and even the meeting agenda for the very exciting decision that they are weighing now.
If the final approval happens this weekend- and it is anticipated that it will- we will have the Moderna vaccine in the office soon, and will start calling patients who are on our waitlist. Once all waitlisted patients have received a phone call, we’ll start administering to patients who are in the office for already scheduled appointments such as well checks, etc.
Please reach out if you’d like to be added to the wait list. Once on the list, you don’t need to follow up- we will call you as soon as the doses are in our office.
Several other local faciities will have the vaccine available to the public. Austin Regional Clinic will have the vaccine available for patients 6 months and older. Tarrytown Pharmacy and HEB will both have the vaccine available to patients age 3 and older.