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For some children, routine wellness checks can be difficult due to anxiety surrounding vaccines- the dreaded shot! Because we know how crucial routine immunization is for your child’s health, we ‘d like to provide some resources that can help alleviate the anxiety before the appointment, as well as the vaccine administration itself. The doctor’s office should be a safe and comfortable place for children, and we do everything that we can to create positive memories of their visits to GROW. Our nurses and medical assistants are trained to administer shots in the safest way possible; they might ask you to hold your child, or to put them on the table, or to assist in other ways. We depend on parents and caretakers to assist us in comforting kiddos when it comes to getting shots, as well as to physically assist in holding them to ensure a safe “poke” for everyone. Let us know if there’s anything specific we can do for your child to help put them at ease. Stickers first? Sing a certain song? We’re here to help.

AAP Healthy Children- Managing Pain with Childhood Shots

Meg Foundation- Overcoming Needle Phobia in Kids

Less Stressful Shots- Center for Disease Control

University of Michigan “Poke Program” Video clip of comfort positions to hold your child. 

Fun computer game for bigger kids- turning immunizations into super powers!

Recommended children’s books to help prepare for shot visits:

Dylan’s Big Surprise at the Doctor; Mobi vs. The Shield; Andre’s Armor