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Hello GROW Families!

I would like to introduce- or reintroduce myself- and share more about my role at GROW Pediatrics. My name is Jasmin, and I have been a Pediatric RN for over a decade.  For more than 3 years, I was the primary triage nurse at GROW. As the needs of our patients and clinic have evolved, I’ve recently handed off the triage nurse role to the capable hands of the Pedi Call Care nurses and transitioned to a clinical nursing role at GROW. Many healthcare facilities have begun to follow this model of care, which was originally made necessary due to nationwide healthcare staffing shortages and overwhelming patient volume. However, as industry adapted to suit these needs, reputable providers such as Pedi Call Care expanded their model of services and staffing capacity to offer the best pediatric-specific nursing care to multiple private practices. We feel good about our involvement in this new, accessible care model and look forward to perfecting the process even further. Triage nurse services by Pedi Call Care will remain available and free of charge during our clinic hours.  They are the same nurses and service that you are used to speaking with in our off-hours, for a nominal fee. Whether during normal business hours or after hours, they can be reached by calling our main number and choosing the appropriate prompt. We ask that you continue to utilize this service for clinical questions or advice that require immediate attention, or if you feel your clinical concern would be better answered via a telephone conversation with an RN. Their skilled nurses utilize up to date, evidenced based clinical information and provide recommendations in line with those given by our GROW physicians.

While I am no longer readily available for phone calls, I am still very much active as a Registered Nurse at GROW, and here to assist you and your families. We’d like to encourage all of our patients to utilize our Patient Portal.  Non- urgent clinical questions can be asked via the portal.  Prior to 2:30pm (Monday through Friday) I’m available to provide a response the same day via portal message. While in the office, I am fortunate to be in close proximity to the GROW physicians and can consult them if needed to answer your questions or address concerns. Prescription medication refills/questions can be addressed most efficiently via the patient portal.  Laboratory results and Xray results along with interpretation and physician recommendations can also be communicated.  School forms or other paperwork can be shared to the portal and the completed form will be posted in the portal account. Where we have often relied on phone communication to address these patient requests, we now have the ability to receive and address such things in a faster and more efficient manner; all through your child’s electronic medical record! the Intelichart patient portal can be accessed by visiting our website, or by this link:

The Triage Nurses do not have access to our scheduling system, as their role is not to schedule patient appointments. Our front desk team is able to schedule all sick visits as well as routine visits.  Calling the clinic and choosing option 1 is the best way to get a same day appointment, a follow up appointment for an acute problem/concern, or to set up a Well Check according to your family’s schedule. The patient portal is also available to request Well Check appointments for the future; with either method we advise that you schedule at least six weeks ahead of time.

I look forward to continuing my role at GROW and caring for your families! Thank you for your patience with us and our ever-changing procedures and models of care during the challenging last few years. We now know that if we can survive and thrive during the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, our practice can do anything. Thank you for being a part of it.

Jasmin, RN