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Two of our three nurses are named Sarah- we affectionately call them ‘Sarah Squared’.

Sarah S. (right) followed Dr. Owens to GROW when we opened just over a year ago and is in the office four days a week. Sarah O. (left) joined our team after having worked with Dr. Grady at a nearby hospital, and is in our office two days a week. Sarah S. and Sarah O. work together in the office on Mondays. All of our nurses share time on our nurse line addressing parents’ concerns, coordinating referrals, and giving clinical care to our patients in the office.

Having two Nurse Sarahs can be a bit confusing for some of our parents when they call to follow up with one of our nurses and the Sarah they speak with is not the same Sarah they spoke with previously. Rest assured all our nurses have the information they need to follow up with our families within our wonderful electronic medical records system (EMR). Within our EMR, our nurses are able to quickly bring your child’s chart up and view all aspects of their care, as well as documentation of all phone calls and e-messages sent to our office about your child.